Mobile Swarming

by Chrome Cobra

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bryface international music concern Possibly the best "My First LSDJ" album i've heard in distant memory - although not surprising given the author's huge breadth of experience in a huge variety of chip platforms. This album is exceedingly efficient at cutting to the heart of its thesis: B A N G I N G P A R T Y B A N G E R S . It makes no apologies; it takes no prisoners; it demands that you have fun and get down. And You Will Obey. Favorite track: Stolen Protocol.


It is the year 2088, where technology has outnumbered the human population in terms of intelligence and relevance. One cannot take 5 steps without being video taped, retina scanned and archived. But there is hope. You must resist, and unite with anyone who believes in the same methodology as you do. Strength in numbers, frequent person-to-person confrontations, and an abundance of musical atmospheres. The time is now. You must embrace all forms of musical stimulation, in order for your quality of life to improve. Long live the rebellion!! ========End Transmission.

All tracks were created using a 1989 Nintendo Game Boy, running LSDJ 4.8.8.
All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Planet Zaxxon Productions.

Every song is an original creation by Chrome Cobra, with the exception of Track #4, "Refresh," which is a remix of a Trey Frey song of the same name.

Artwork by ui.

Long live lo-fi.


released February 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Planet Zaxxon

Here at Planet Zaxxon, our intent is to provide the people of Earth with smooth grooves and sassy vibes. We are a small DIY organization that creates, finalizes, and distributes every musical conception by ourselves. From the Sound Blaster 16 to the Nintendo Entertainment System and more, you should have no problem having your ears entertained. We hope you enjoy the sounds! Cheers! ... more

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